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Scholar Athlete:   Sarah Smith

Boys Varsity MVP:  Aaron Selikovitz

Girls Varsity MVP:  Veronica Valle

Boys Varsity Most Improved:  James Masutani

Girls Varsity Most Improved:  Alex Delatorre

Boys Varsity Rookie Award:  Quinn Harris

Girls Varsity Rookie Award:  Eujeong Chi

Boys Varsity Coaches Award:  Arjun Batra

Girls Varsity Coaches Award:  Samina (Yael) Balakhane

Boys JV Coaches Award: Aiden Dvierin & Eli Katz

Girls JV Coaches Award:  Ava Von Lipinski, Sophie Bednarsh & Sara Dzigurski

OCEAN LEAGUE @ CIF STATE MEET @ Woodward Park, Fresno

The El Segundo girls took 7th place as a team at State (Division 4), led by James Matlosz in 13th place in 18:46.3, Sophia Zago in 47th place in 19:47.9 and Nicolette Fulcomer in 55th place in 19:58.6.   The El Segundo boys took 9th place as a team at State (division 4) led by Garrett Rifkin in 51st place in 16:47.9 and Elliot Bijlsma in 75th place in 17:10.6.


Both the girls and boys El Segundo teams made the State Finals.  The girls took 3rd in the CIF SS Div. 4 Finals, led by James Matlosz in 18th place in 18:35.1, with Nicolette Fulcomer in 21st place in 18:44.5 and Sophia Zago in 22nd in 18:46.0.  The boys took 4th place in the CIF SS Div. 4 Finals, led by 3 runners in a pack, with Arend Verfaillie in 27th in 16:20.7, Noah Fenton in 28th in 16:21.4 and Garrett Rifkin in 29th in 16:21.5.  The other team at the CIF SS, Div. 2 Finals, was the Culver City girls, who took 20th place, led by Meke Hesseling in 72nd in 19:21.2 and Eden Winslow in 73rd in 19:21.6.  


In Division 4 El Segundo girls took 2nd in their heat with Gabriela Lee taking 10th in 18:58.3, Sophia Zago taking 11th in 18:58.3 as well, Nicolette Fulcomer in 12th in 18:58.9 and James Matlosz in 13th in 18:59.6.  La Canada beat them by just 3 points, 93 to 96. It looks like they will make the State Meet this year.  The El Segundo Boys also did well as they took 7th as a team in the prelims, led by Garrett Rifkin in 24th place in 16:17.4.   Both teams will run in the CIF SS FInals next week.   In Division 1, the SAMO girls took 11th place, led by Tupelo Sullvan in 19th place in 18:10.2 and Anya Sturm in 27th in 18:36.8.  The SAMO boys took 14th place, with Daniel Cohen taking 39th place in 15:46.6.  In Division 2, the Culver City girls took 10th place, led by freshman Mieke Hesseling in 19th place in 18:38.9!   The Culver City boys took 13th place, led by Brandon Cummings in 16:09.8.   November 18 is the CIF SS Finals, followed by the STATE Meet on November 25.  We’ll see how our Ocean League runners do.



Season Ends as Boys and Girls Varsity Teams Take 4th Place in League

Eujeong Chi Takes 4th in Girls JV Race to Medal and Make All League

Boys Varsity:  Our boys varsity took 4th place as a team (top 3 teams qualified for CIF), led by Aaron Selikovitz in 14th place in 18:15 (to make the Beverly All Time List for the course one needs to run under 18:00, to medal one needs to be in the top 7 and to make All League one needs to finish in the top 10).  Our other runners were James Masutani in 20th in 18:40, freshman Quinn Harris in 22nd in 19:17, Justin Byun in 27th in 20:05, Benjamin Gabayan in 28th in 20:11, Arjun Batra in 29th in 20:17 and Matthew Kasorla in 30th in 20:51.

Team Scores:  (1) El Segundo 27, (2) SAMO 37, (3) Culver City 65, (4) BH 111, (5) Hawthorne 146 --

Lawndale did not score

Girls Varsity:  Our girls varsity also finished in 4th as a team, led by Veronica Valle in 18th place in 23:12 (to make the Beverly All Time List one has to break 22:00).  Our other girls were Alexia Delatorre in 21st in 24:09, Yael Balakhane in 23rd in 25:02, Natasha Dveirin in 28th in 26:32, Anna Westberg in 29th in 26:39 and Yasmeen Ohebsion in 35th in 27:38.

Team Scores:  (1) El Segundo 26, (2) SAMO 44, (3) Culver City 66, (4) BH 117, (5) Lawndale 138,

(6) Hawthorne 170

Girls JV:  Our best result at league this year was our girls JV team.  Freshman Eujeong Chi took 4th place in a tie for the best girls time for Beverly in 23:12, as she obtained the only medal for the team and was the sole athlete for Beverly that made All League.  Not only that but the team finished in third making the team All League.  Our other runners were Tamara Shawl who took 12th place in 24:26, Victoria Chandler in 24th in 25:18, Sophia Bednarsh in 28th in 25:37, Victoria Han-Pham in 29th in 25:40, Zoe Hinton in 34th in 26:20, Sarah Smith in 36th in 26:47, Ava Von Lipinski 26:50.

Team Results:  (1) SAMO 23, (2) El Segundo 55, (3) BH 76, (4) Culver City 91  -- Lawndale and Hawthorne did not score.

Boys JV:  Out top runner in the boys JV, which finished in 4th place as a team, was Daniel Sinsolo in 23rd place in 20:33.

Team Results: (1) SAMO 23, (2) El Segundo 33, (3) Culver City 85, (4) BH 118 --Lawndale and Hawthorne did not score.

Boys Freshman:  Our team finished in 4th place.  Our top runners were Eli Katz in 22nd in 22:10, Aiden Dveirin in 23rd in 22:19, Evan Chiang in 28th in 22:36, Romain Soulies in 34th in 24:03, Nick Walker in 35th in 24:05.

Team Results:  (1) El Segundo 35, (2) SAMO 41, (3) Culver City 44, (4) BH 113 -- Lawndale and Hawthorne did not score.


MT SAC INVITE - October 20, 2017

One of the largest XC invites in the U.S.   Beverly ran in the Division 3 races.  To make the All Time List for Beverly runners boys have to break 17 minutes and girls have to break 22 minutes.

Boys Varsity: The boys as a team finished in 11th place out of 19 schools.  Our top runner was Aaron Selikovitz in 22nd place in 17:11.3, followed by James Masutani in 44th in 17:37.7, Arjun Batra in 69th in 18:25.0, Quinn Harris in 70th in 18:25.1, Benjamin Gabayan in 87th in 19:16.7, Justin Byun in 109th in 20:15.7, and Matthew Kasorla in 115th in 20:30.0.

Girls Varsity:  The girls varsity took 16th place as a team out of 17 schools.  Our top runners were Veronica Valle in 54th place in 22:45.0 and Eujeong Chi in 55th place in the same time of 22:45.0.  Our other runners were Ava Westberg in 71st in 23:41, Victoria Chandler in 83rd in 24:16, Yael Balakhane in 92nd in 24:36, Natasha Dveirin in 93rd in 24:37, and Yasmeen Ohebsion in 104th in 25:47.

Girls JV:  The Girls JV finished in 10th place as a team out of 12 schools.  Our top runner was Tamara Shawl in 28th place in 23:32.1 (which was the third best time of the day for the girls, as she would have been our #3 girl on varsity).  The other Beverly runners were Victoria Han-Pham in 58th in 24:57.4, Madelyn Yukich in 92nd in 27:39.8, Rinesa Kabashi in 96th in 28:02.0 and Debbie Rasson in 112th in 33:05.2.

Boys JV:   Beverly only had 3 runners so there was no team placing.  Our individual runners were Noah Kaiserman in 125th in 22:04.2, Ben Lifschitz in 128th in 22:15.3 and Anthony Wilson in 137th in 24:51.3.

Boys Freshman:  The boys team was 15th out of 15 schools.   Our runners included Aiden Dveirin in 72nd place in 20:50.9, followed by Romain Soulies in 104th in 22:28.5, John Heller in 110th in 23:59.5, Marshall Schulman in 115th in 25:19.2, Otto Luessenhop in 118th in 26:00.2 and Daniel Bacher in 122nd in 26:35.1.


Here are the final results of the second Ocean League Cluster meet before the Ocean League Finals to be held on November 1, 2017 at the Kenneth Hahn Park 3 mile course.  The El Segundo course is short, only 2.72 miles, so the times were faster than the usual 3 mile race.  Santa Monica won the boys and girls varsity races as a team.  Beverly’s boys and girls varsity took 4th place in both races as a team. 

Boys Varsity:  Our top runner was Aaron Selikovitz taking 13th place (he needs a top 10 at league finals to be All League) running 14:56 for the course, which is #4 on the Beverly All Time List for the course.  James Masutani took 22nd in 15:32, freshman Quinn Harris took 26th in 16:14, soph Ben Gabayan took 28th in 16:37, Arjun Batra was 29th in 16:48, Justin Byun was 32nd in 16:56, and freshman Aiden Dveirin was 34th in 18:59.  Team Results:  (1) SAMO 30, (2) El Segundo 38, (3) Culver City 58, (4) BH 113, (5) Lawndale 133 --

Hawthorne (no score).

Girls Varsity:  Soph Veronica Valle broke her own school record for the course running 19:19 in 21st place, followed by freshman Eujeong Chi in 22nd place making the Beverly Al Time List at #2, running 19:25.  Yael Balakhane took 26th in 20:28, followed by Victoria Chandler in 28th in 20:52, Anna Westberg in 30th in 21:42, and Natasha Dveirin in 32nd in 21:45. Team Results:(1) SAMO 30, (2) El Segundo 33, (3) Culver City 59, (4) BH 121, (5) Lawndale 150, (6) Hawthorne 179.

Girls JV:  The big surprise was Tamara Shawl taking 16th in the girls JV race in a time of 19:39, which is #3 on the Beverly All Time List for the course (she would have been our 3rd runner on varsity!).  Freshman Sophie Bednarsh took 24th in 20:44, followed by freshman Ava Von Lipinski in 32nd  in 21:08, soph Sophia Mantville in 37th in 21:41 and soph Yasmeen Ohebsion in 38th in 21:56.  Team Results: (1) SAMO 15, (2) El Segundo 66, (3) Culver City 73, (4) BH 94, (5) Lawndale ---Hawthorne (no score).

Boys JV: Matthew Kassorla took 64th place in 19:20, followed by Noah Kaiserman in 65th in 19:24, Ben Lifschitz in 66th in 19:27, Iden Azad in 70th in 19:47 and Jordan Lee in 71st in 19:48. Team Results:

(1) SAMO 19, (2) El Segundo 49, (3) Culver City 70, (3) BH 120, --Lawndale and Hawthorne (no score). 

Boys Freshmen:  Our top runner was Eli Katz in 22nd place in 18:06, followed by Romain Soulies in 32nd in 19:55, John Heller in 35th in 20:13, and Marshall Schulman in 36th in 20:26.  Team Results: (1) SAMO 36, (2) El Segundo 38, (3) Culver City 53, (4) BH 117  --Lawndale and Hawthorne (no scores).

SANTA CLARITA INVITE @ CASTAIC LAKE   10-14-2017  (Small Schools Division)

With over 30 schools competing in the small school division, Beverly had a pretty good day.  The top 50 individuals in each race obtained medals out of apx 200 runners in each race.

Boys Varsity:   The boys varsity finished in 11th place out of 26 schools who scored.  Our top runner was Aaron Selikovitz who took 31st place out of over 200 runners.  His time of 17:02.62 is 2nd all time for the course for Beverly runners.  James Masutani took 54th in 17:30.51 (making the all time list as well at #4).  Freshman Quinn Harris took 83rd in 18:07.18!   Soph Ben Gabayan took 101st in 18:23.57, while Arjun Batra was right there at 102nd in 18:25.31.  Soph Justin Byun was in 146th in 19:33.56, with freshman Eli Katz in 155th in 19:44.41.

Girls Varsity:  The girls varsity also finished in 11th place out of 18 teams that scored.  Our top runner was soph Veronica Valle in 29th place in 21:12.87 (missing making the all time list requiring a sub 21 minute time).  Our other runners were Natasha Dveirin in 60th in 22:59.72, Yael Balakhane in 64th in 23:04.85, Victoria Chandler in 75th in 23:39.21, Victoria Han-Pham in 78th in 23:47.96.

Girls JV/FS:  The best result for our team was our JV/FS team that took 6th place out 15 schools that scored, just 5 point behind 5th place finisher Notre Dame.   Our team was lead by freshman Eujeong Chi in 24th place in 22:34.92, followed by Tamara Shawl in 34th place in 23:24.54, freshman Alexa Delatorre in 35th in 23:27.09, soph Sophia Mantville in 56th in 24:21.26, and freshman Sophie Bednarsh in 57th in 24:27.83.

Boys JV:  Our boys JV had three finishers, with soph Ben Lifschitz in 69th place in 22:05.86, Noah Kaiserman in 86th in 22:54.43 and soph Anthony Wilson in 94th in 24:13.43.

Boys F/S:  We only had one runner entered in the freshman race John Heller who took 117th in 23:53.53.


Boys and Girls Varsity Take 4th as Teams in First Ocean League Cluster Meet

The boys and girls varsity team both took 4th place as a team in the first ocean league cluster meet held at Rancho Park 3 mile course.  On the boys side Santa Monica took 1st place led by Daniel Cohen who won the race in 15:47.14.   On the girls side Santa Monica took 1st place led by Anya Sturm who won the race in 18:33.30.   Our boys varsity top runner was Aaron Selikovitz who took 15th place in 16:53.79.  James Masutani took 22nd place in 17:51.28.  On the girls varsity side our top runners were Veronica Valle in 21st place in 22:06.70 and Eujeong Chi in 22nd place in 22:08.10.  In the boys JV race our top runner was Benjamin Gabayan in 42nd place in 20:07.10.  In the JV girls race our top girl was Anna Westberg in 25th place in 23:18.61.  In the boys freshman race our top runner was Quinn Harris in 8th place in 18:33.0.  In the girls freshman race our top runner was Sophie Bednarsh in 9th place in 23:21.00. 

Team Results

Boys Varsity: (1) SAMOHI 26  (2) El Segundo 50  (3) Culver City 55  (4) BH 126  (5) Lawndale 136

  1. (6)Hawthorne 162.

Girls Varsity:  (1) SAMOHI 31  (2) El Segundo 40  (3) Culver City 53  (4) BH 115  (5) Hawthorne 150

Boys JV: (1) El Segundo 29   (2) Culver City 45  (3) SAMOHI 53  (4) BH 120

Girls JV:  (1) SAMOHI 20  (2) Culver City 59  (3) El Segundo 70  (4) BH 94

Boys Frosh:  (1) SAMOHI 33  (2) El Segundo 48  (3) Culver City 58  (4) BH 97

Girls Frosh:  (1) SAMOHI  23  (2) Culver City 38  (3) Lawndale 74

(Note:  Teams in each race that did not have 5 runners scoring did not have a team placing).

For full results go to:

Sept. 15, 2017   Woodbridge Classic @ SilverLakes Sports Park, Corona, CA

Beverly Harriers Compete @ Woodbridge Classic 3 Miles

The Beverly XC team competed at its first meet of the year at the Woodbridge Classic XC Invite.  Beverly  was in the Red Division races (teams are randomly placed in one of 4 colored divisions as there are so many high schools and athletes competing in the two day event).  In the boys Varsity race of 167 runners, our top performer was junior Aaron Selikovitz who took 63rd (our only medalist) who ran 16:29.1, making the Beverly All Time List for the invite and course (the course has changed 4 times).   Our other varsity runners of note were James Masutani in 126th in 17:35.4 and Daniel Simsolo in 129th in 17:44.8.  In the girls varsity race of 187 runners our top runner was sophomore Veronica Valle coming off an injury taking 124th in 20:51.4 (making the Beverly All Time List for the Woodbridge course).  Our other runners of note on varsity were freshman Eujeong Chi in 133rd place in 21:14.0 and sophomore Anna Westerg in 142nd in  21:44.1.  In the junior boys race of 330 runners, sophomore Matthew Kassorla took 207th place in 19:19.8, with sophomore Justin Byun taking 232nd place in 19:45.5.  In the boys frosh race of 351 runners our top runner was Aiden Dveirin in 278th place in 21:19.5.   In the girls frosh race of 197 runners, Sophie Bednarsh finished in 114th place in 23:36.6 and Alexia Delatorre finished in 116th place in 23:38.1. 

Sept. 6, 2017 Intersquad Meet @ Rancho Park

BEVERLY had an informal intersquad meet just to get the kinks out of their system.  The team ran the 3 mile Rancho Park course (10 yards short).   Aaron Selikovitz was the standout as he ran a time of 17:26.  We’ll see what he can do with some competition at the first official meet of the year at Woodbridge XC Classic on Sept.15, 2017 at the Silverlakes Sport Park.   Address is 5555 Hamner Avenue, Corona, CA 92880.


Sept 6  WED.  Time Trial Intersquad Meet @ Rancho Park (Cheviot Hills) at 2:30 PM

Sept. 15  FRI.  Woodbridge XC Classic @ Silverlakes Sports Park at 5 PM

Sept. 27  WED.  Ocean League Cluster #1 at Rancho Park-Cheviot Hills at 2:30 PM

Oct. 14  SAT.  Santa Clarita Invite at Castaic Lake Park at 8 AM

Oct. 18 WED.  Ocean League Cluster #2 at El Segundo Recreation Park at 1:30 PM

Oct. 20 FRI.  MT SAC Invite at MT SAC, Walnut at 9 AM (1st race for Beverly 10:30 AM)

Nov. 1 WED.  Ocean League Finals at Kenneth Hahn Park at 1:30 PM

No one qualified for Meets below:

Nov. 10 FRI.  CIF SS Prelims (Div. 3) at Riverside City XC Course at 7:45 AM

Nov. 18 SAT.  CIF SS Finals at Riverside City XC Course at 7:45 AM

Nov. 25 SAT.  CIF STATE Finals at Woodward Park, Fresno at 8:30 AM 

30 Year Anniversary of 1987 Team

Beverly did not qualify anyone for the CIF Finals in 1987, but three athletes showed well at the CIF Prelims.  On the boys side Rich Gitahi took 7th place in the CIF SS 3A division, while Jamie Billet took 18th place.  On the girls side Lisa Harris took 14th place.


The CIF Southern Section has announced that the 2017 Cross-Country Prelims and Finals will once again for the second straight year be held at the Riverside City Cross-Country Course.  Divisions 1 & 3 will run run their Prelims on Friday November 10 (Beverly is in Division 3), while Divisions 2, 4, & 5 will run on Saturday November 11.  Finals for all divisions will be on Saturday November 18.  The traditional site in the past has been MT SAC, but due to the extensive construction at the college, the CIF has decided to once again hold the meet at the Riverside site. 

Cross Country Adds New Coach for 2017 Season

The Cross Country team has added a new Assistant Coach for the 2017 season, Mark Luevano.  He is Beverly’s record holder for the 3200m and 3 miles on the track, which he set back in 1973.  He was also a distance star for the UCLA track team.  Welcome Mark! 

Our team also has Chris Asher as an Assistant Coach.  Head Coach is Dwayne Washington.

New coach T.C. Clay has been added as an Assistant Coach for the girls.

Track & Field 2017 season stories and stats are in “Archive News” link in upper left hand margin.

                GO NORMANS !



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