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The Ocean League Finals will be held at Rancho Park in Cheviot Hills.  The top 3 teams on varsity will qualify for the CIF SS Prelims.  The top 6 runners in league also qualify for the CIF SS Prelims.   To be All League as an individual in any league finals race one must finish in the top 10.  Depending on the year---All League has been either the top 7 or top 10, but Beverly has recognized a top 10 finish to be All League over the years (since 1930).

MT SAC INVITE 3 Miles @ MT SAC  10/19/2018
One of the biggest high school cross country races in California, where Beverly ran only its varsity teams.   Beverly ran in the Division 3 races, even though it is a Division 4 school (under 1500 students).  In the boys varsity (158 runners and 23 teams) our top runner was Quinn Harris who took 24th place in 17:08 (one has to break 17 minutes to be on the Beverly All Time List for the course); followed by Aaron Selikovitz in 29th place in 17:19; Eli Katz in 113th place in 19:18; Ethan Mofarah in 132nd place in 20:03; Arjun Batra in 138th place in 20:28; Justin Byun in 151st place in 21:40; and Aidan Dveirin in 153rd place in 22:23.  The boys team took 18th place as a team.

The girls varsity race had 137 runners and 19 teams (to make the Beverly All Time List for the course one has to run under 22 minutes).  Our top runner was Sophie Bednarsh in 87th place in 24:21, followed by Florence Basile in 90th place in 24:25; Anna Westberg in 91st place in 24:26; Eujeong Chi in 94th place in 24:50; Sophia Mantville in 96th place in 24:52; Ava Dillard in 100th place in 25:04; and Tamara Shawl having an off day in 127th place in 26:48.  The team took 19th place.    

Photos will be posted of the meet in upper left icon “Photos 2018 to Present.”

Ocean League Cluster #1 @ Kenneth Hahn Park 10/17/2018
The first Ocean League Cluster and only Cluster race this season was held at Kenneth Hahn Park.  Many of our runners used the meet as a training run so their places and times are not being reported.   The league finals on October 31, 2018 at Rancho Park will be the big event.   The top performance at Cluster #1 was Aaron Selikovitz who took 8th place on the boys varsity in 17:47.49 (#23 on the All Time List for Beverly runners for the course).   

CENTRAL PARK INVITE 3 Miles @ Huntington Beach 10/6/2018
Boys Varsity:  The boys varsity took 14th place as a team.   Our top runner was Quinn Harris who took 14th place individually in a time of 16:50.7 (#5 on the Beverly All Time List for the course)[The school record is held by Jamie Billett in 1990 in a time of 15:56 and one has to break 17 minutes to get in the All Time List].  Our second runner was Aaron Selikovitz in 25th place in 17:16.9; followed by Eli Katz in 70th in 18:39.9, Ethan Mofarah in 98th in 19:30.5, and Aidan Dveirin in 108th in 20:07.7.
Girls Varsity: The girls varsity took 13th place as a team.  Our top runner was Sophia Mantville in 58th place in 22:58.7, followed by Tamara Shawl in 66th in 23:20.2, Florence Basile in 70th in 23:40.0, Ava Dillard in 85th place in 24:25.4, and Anna Westberg in 93rd in 25:34.3. [The school record for the course is held by Brianna Simmons in 2010 in 18:57 and one has to break 22 minutes to get on the All Time List].
Junior Girls:  Beverly only had two junior girls run, Jasmine Amin in 42nd place in 27:54.1 and Yaire Balakhane in 43rd place in 28:20.6.
Freshmen Boys:  The top beverly runner was Joshua Dardashti in 80th place in 22:27.1.
Freshman Girls:  Our top girl was Justine Cohan in 39th place in 26:42.4, followed by Aghigh Hemmatyar in 40th place in 27:10.0.

The Palos Verdes Invite goes back to the days prior to 1977 when high school cross country was 2 miles.  The course has hay stacks one has to jump over during the race, as well as facing “Agony” hill.  In addition, the races face the # 7 runners of teams against each other, then the # 6 runners, and so on until you get to the #1 runners of each team facing off against one another.   The top 10 in each race receive medals.
Boys Varsity:  In the boys # 1 race sophomore Quinn Harris took 8th place in 10:54.35.  Anytime you break 11 minutes on the course that is an excellent time.  In the boys #2 race Aaron Selikovitz took 9th place in 11:37.65.  In the #3 race Eli Katz took 9th place in 12:17.50. In the #4 race Ethan Mofarah took 10th place in 13:08.88.  In the #5 race Aidan Dveirin took 12th place in 13:56.54.  In the #6 race Arjun Batra took 9th place in 13:27.20.  In the #7 race Justin Byun took 9th place in 13:29.85.
Girls Varsity:  In the girls #1 race Sophie Bednarsh took 7th place in 15:34.71.  In the #2 race Tamara Shawl took 7th place in 15:55.30.  In the #3 race Sophia Mantville took 6th place in 15:43.49.  In the #5 race Florence Basile took 8th place in 16:50.81.  In the #6 race Anna Westberg took 7th place in 16:29.78.  

Woodbridge Invite is one of the more prestigious cross country invitationals in California, and over the years has changed location of the meet 4 times, the last change being in 2016 at the Silverlakes course in Norco, California.  Beverly only entered in the varsity races.  Each race had apx. 260 runners.
Boys Varsity:  Quinn Harris was our top finisher in 24th place in a time of 16:11.6, that is the No. 2 time for a Beverly runner on the Silverlakes course. Aaron Selikovitz took 49th place in 16:33.9 (his time of last year of 16:29.1 is now #3 All Time for a Beverly runner).  Other finishers: Ethan Mofarah in 178th place in 18:40.3; Justin Byun in 201st place in 19:23.0; Aidan Dveirin in 216th in 19:43.8; and Marshall Schulman in 250th place in 22:00.5.  As a team Beverly finished in 22nd place out of 47 schools in the race.
Girls Varsity:  Our top finisher was Sophie Bednarsh in 155th place in 22:02.1, followed by Tamara Shawl in 158th place in 22:06.4.  Other finishers:  Florence Basile in 213th place in 24:08.8; Hailey Aleman in 214th place in 24:10.9; and Anna Westberg in 233rd place in 26:03.2.  The team finished in 28th place out of 56 schools in the race.

This was the first time the El Segundo meet was run.  Our rules our that in order to set a school record on a first time run course, the boys must break 17 minutes and the girls must break 22 minutes.
Boys Varsity
The Boys Varsity race was competitive.  Our top runner was Quinn Harris in 23rd place in 16:13.18 (a school record as it was the first time the course was run and he ran under 17 minutes).  Aaron Selikovitz took 31st place in 16:49.78 (making the All Time List for the new course for Beverly).  Eli Katz was 60th place in 19:04.51, followed by Ethan Mofarah in 61st in 19:37.95, Aidan Dveirin in 62nd in 19:45.48, and Justin Byun in 63rd in 19:48.42.
Girls Varsity
No one ran under 22 minutes so no school record was had.  Our top girl was Sophia Mantville in 47th place in 22:47.14.  Tamara Shawl took 53rd place in 23:20.61, Sophie Bednarsh took 57th in 23:35.63, Anna Westberg in 58th in 23:35.64, and Ava Dillard in 60th in 24:09.74.
Girls Sophomores
Sophomore Hailey Aleman had the highest placing at the meet for Beverly where she took 15th place in 24.31.55.
Girls Freshmen
Our top girls freshman was Florence Basile in 28th place in 24:10.28.
Boys JV
Our top boys JV finisher was Alon Tamir in 73rd place in 20:40.05.
Girls JV
Our top girls JV runner was Chloe Cohan in 46th place in 25:18.27.
Boys Freshmen
Joshua Dardashti was our top freshman in 75th place in 23:23.24.

BH INVITE @ RANCHO PARK (modified course) 8/30/2018 
The highlight for Beverly at the first BH Invite on a modified Rancho Park 2 and 3 mile course (so times are not official for record purposes), was the Boys Varsity 3 mile race, where Beverly Sophomore Quinn Harris took 1st place in 17:55 and Aaron Selikovitz of Beverly took 2nd in 18:09.  The teams competing were Beverly Hills, Venice, Hamilton and Marymount girls team.  The course was modified since Rancho Park is being renovated for the grass fields and were gated, so loops around Rancho Park were run instead. 

The other noted finishers for the varsity boys were Eli Katz in 8th place in 20:40, Justin Byun in 9th place in 21:03, Ethan Mofarah in 11th place in 21:30, Aidan Dveirin in 14th place in 22:50. Venice team took first with 25 points, with Beverly in a close 2nd with 31 points and Hamilton in third with 66 points.

On the Girls Varsity 3 mile race the Marymount girls took first with 26 points, Venice in second with 53 points, Beverly in third with 64 points and Hamilton in 4th with 82 points.  Beverly top girls were Eujeong Chi in 6th place in 24:59 and Sophie Bednarsh in 7th place in 25:14.  Sophia Mantville of Beverly took 10th place in 25:29.  

In the Boys Junior Varsity 3 mile race Beverly ran less than 5 runners so they did not score as a team, leaving Venice the winner with 19 points and Hamilton in second with 47 points.  Our top finisher was Shao-Yi Wan in 14th place in 27:29.

In the Girls Junior Varsity 3 mile race Beverly ran less than 5 runners so they did not score as a team.  Hamilton took first with 32 points and Marymount finished in second with 38 points.  Venice like Beverly had less than 5 runners so they did not score as a team.  Katelynn Youssfeh was our top runner in 15th place in 31:37.

In the boys freshman race (which was 2 miles only) Venice scored 21 points and Beverly the only other team ran less than 5 runners so they did not score.  Our top boy runner was Ben B. in 2nd place in 14:06.  Moshe Kessler finished in 6th place in 15:46.

In the girls freshman race (which was only 2 miles) Marymount won with 18 points and Beverly the only other team ran less than 5 runners so they did not score.  Our top girl runner was Aghigh H. in 4th place in 16:40, with Florence B. in 6th place in 17:53.

Beverly Hills Moves Down to Division 4 in CIF
Since the student population at Beverly is now below 1500 students, it moves from Division 3 to Division 4 for CIF purposes.

Tentative Schedule:

8/30/2018 (Thursday) BH Invitational @ Rancho Park @ 2 PM
9/8/2018 (Saturday) El Segundo Eagle Invitational @ Lakes Golf Course @ 8 AM
9/14/2018 (Friday) Woodbridge Invitational @ SilverLakes Sports Complex @ 5:00 PM
9/28/2018 (Friday) Palos Verdes Invitational @ Palos Verdes HS @ 3 PM
10/6/2018 (Saturday) Central Park Invitational @ Huntington Beach @ 8 AM
10/17/2018 (Weds) Ocean League Cluster @ Kenneth Hahn Park @ 2 PM
10/19/2018 (Friday) MT SAC Invitational) @ MT SAC @ 10:00 AM
10/31/2018 (Weds) Ocean League Finals @ Rancho Park @ 1:30 PM
11/10/2018 (Friday) CIF SS Div 4 Prelims @ Riverside XC Course @ 7:45 AM
11/17/2018 (Saturday) CIF SS Div 4 Finals @ Riverside XC Course @ 7:45 AM
11/24/2018 (Saturday) STATE Finals @ Woodward Park, Fresno @ TBA


Mark Luevano, Head XC Coach
Robert Friedlander, Assistant Coach
Terrance Luevano, Assistant Coach
Kendall Baisden, Assistant Coach

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10/31/2018 (Weds) Ocean League Finals @ Rancho Park @ 1:30 PM

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