High School All Americans in Track & Field:  Boys and Girls

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What constitutes a High School All American in Track & Field is a debatable issue.  Generally speaking prior to 1948 such accolades were not even recognized in the sport.  With the advent of Track & Field News in 1948 (self-proclaimed Bible of the Sport) attention was given in listing the top 5 to 10 performers in the United States for the year in each event.  Track & Field News and Jack Sheppard in the 1950’s and 1960’s began to list the top 30, then expanded it to the top 50.  From 1997,, then owned by ESPN as of 2010, through 2012 on the Internet had listed an Elite 100, with the top 50 being special.  Then after 2012 ESPN Rise/Dyestat went out of business, but was then taken up again by Runnerspace, so starting in 2013 we look to Dyestat and MileSplit for the high school track and field listings.  Our list below includes any Beverly athlete ranked in the top 50 in the United States.  Original events and times are reflected without conversion.   All together Beverly has achieved 65 All American honors (as some athletes were All Americans in multiple years and/or multiple events) with 35 boys and 13 girls, for a total of 48 High School All Americans.  We have also added a Honorable Mention List for those in the top 100 in the U.S.   In addition, added is a list of Beverly relays ranked in the top 50 in the U.S.

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