Cross-Country All Time Lists

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Unlike Track, Cross Country began at Beverly in 1930.   Beverly’s home course was at Roxbury Memorial Park, a 1.7 mile course.  It was then expanded to 1.8 miles in and around 1955.  In the 1960’s the home course moved to Rancho Park, a 2 mile course.  Due to construction at Rancho Park in 1969, the course was lengthened to 2.2 miles at the beginning of the season and then shortened to 2.1 miles at the end of the season.  In 1970, the course went back to 2 miles.  In 1977, the CIF lengthened the cross country races to 3 miles, and the home course at Rancho was also lengthened to 3 miles.  The girls ran 2 miles at Rancho until 1980, but then in 1981 ran the 3 mile course.  Separate sections are listed for the different courses run by Beverly athletes, the most important being the Rancho Park home course, Kenneth Hahn course where many of the league meets are run, and Mt Sac, where the Mt SAC Invite and CIF meets are run.  A separate section of courses of the past is devoted to the pre-1977 (boys) and pre-1981 (girls) courses, which were less than 3 miles and represented some of the top cross country runners in Beverly’s history. 

Rancho Park
Kenneth Hahn
Mt Sac
Dana Hills Invite
Woodbridge Classic Invite
Columbia Park, Torrance
Pepperdine U, Malibu
Rosemead HS
Cerritos Regional Park
Don Bosco Invite
LB Millikin Invite
Central Park Invite
Kenny Staub Invite
Mariner Invite
Woodward Park, Fresno
Balboa Park, San Diego
Laguna Hills Invite
Brea Olinda Invite
Phil Ryan Invite, Lacey Park
Portland Meadows, Oregon
Castaic Lake, Santa Clarita Invite
Riverside City 
El Segundo Recreation Park

Beverly Home Courses
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